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There’s nothing worse than a poorly performing website. It’s a reflection of your business and prohibited organic traffic growth opportunities. With a Site Audit from Skyfield Digital, you can rest easy knowing that certified specialists are analyzing your website. Our team will closely examine your site and provide you with a detailed report that will help guide the rest of the SEO strategy. So don’t wait any longer, get your Site Audit today!

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An all-inclusive site audit to give you the informational tools you need to know your website inside and out.

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What is a Site Audit?

A site audit is a thorough website analysis to find any possible problems or areas for development to improve the ranking in search engines. The website's content, user experience, structure, link development, and other aspects are often evaluated during a site audit. An impartial and thorough review of a website is the main objective of a site audit. It can assist in locating any significant problems or possibilities that might prevent the website from reaching its full potential.

Why You Need a Site Audit

Performing a site audit is crucial in optimizing your online presence and raising its exposure in search engine results pages (SERPs). A site audit's primary objective is to find areas that need improvement, including technical inaccuracies, missing or out-of-date material, ineffective navigation, or other problems that might affect your site's performance. We can enhance the overall user experience and ensure that your site reaches its intended audience by identifying and fixing these problems. A site audit also assists in creating a thorough SEO plan, understanding how your website is doing compared to your competitors, and identifying areas for improvement.

Steps Involved in Our Site Audit

We evaluate a website's structure, content, and other elements that affect search engine optimization as part of our Site Audit process. This can assist in identifying any problems that could harm the website's ranking.

Step 1.Running a Sitewide Crawl

Crawling the entire site is the initial and inseparable step in site audits. A sitewide crawl will reveal any technological problems that could block search engines from indexing and ranking your site. Site crawling includes checking for outdated links, duplicate or plagiarised material, and other technical problems.

Examining the website’s HTML code, structure, SSL, site speed sitemap, and other elements to ensure it is optimized for better rankings in search engines is an analysis of the technical SEO of the website. This also includes looking for meta tags, broken links, page titles, and other aspects that can impact the website’s functionality.

Step 2.Analyzing Technical SEO

Step 3.Competitor Analysis

The examination of competitors is the next stage of a site audit. This entails examining other businesses in the same sector to determine what they’re doing to improve their search engine rankings. It is possible to determine areas where the site may enhance its rankings by contrasting it to other sites from the same sector.

The creation of the audit report is the last stage in the auditing process. This should provide a thorough summary of your findings and suggestions for enhancing the website’s functionality. The report must be simple to comprehend and use and suited to the customer’s demands.

Step 4.Crafting The Audit Report

Frequently AskedQuestions

Yes, a site audit is required to find any problems with the website that could be hindering its performance or keeping it from attaining a good ranking.

Generally, an audit of a small website may be completed in 3-6 hours, but an audit of a bigger website can take 1-2 weeks.

Reviewing a competitor’s website is possible. Website audits can be carried out by hand or automatically using software solutions. The site’s coding, content, structure, user experience, and performance are all evaluated during manual audits.

Depending on the intricacy of the website and the audit’s scope, website audit costs might vary greatly. In general, audits cost more for bigger websites or websites with a lot of complexity. Generally ranging from $300 – $5000+ depending on the site size.

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