7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Car Dealership Website

As more and more car buyers start their search for vehicles online, a properly optimized website can drive more potential customers to your dealership. Let’s discuss the seven ways to increase traffic to your car dealership website. 

Conduct Thorough Keyword Research

You can increase organic website traffic by targeting relevant search terms buyers use to find dealerships selling their desired makes and models. Start by brainstorming a list of your main offerings and expand this list using keyword research tools to find long-tail variations.

Prioritize keywords with good monthly search volume and low competition. It helps you rank for searches where people actively look for the vehicles you sell. Optimizing for the correct terms matching with user intent will drive qualified visitors from Google and other search engines directly to your site.

Optimize Website Content for Keywords

Once you identify your target keywords, incorporate them naturally throughout your site’s content. Include them in page titles, headers, and image names and within the body copy. Create content that directly answers the question and intent behind each keyword. 

You should optimize any new car model or dealership location pages with relevant keywords. Refresh existing content to work primary keywords into paragraphs seamlessly and organically. Use keywords in meta descriptions so search engines display your pages for applicable searches. Proper on-page optimization helps search engines understand the theme of each page to drive higher click-throughs.

Speed Up Page Load Times

Site speed impacts visitor experience and SEO rankings. Pages that load faster perform better in search results. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to measure your homepage load time on desktop and mobile. Aim for under 3 seconds if possible.

You can minimize CSS/JavaScript code and compress large images to improve speed. Implement browser caching and a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute resources from servers closest to visitors.

Implement Local SEO Best Practices  

Focus on local SEO tactics to attract nearby customers searching for dealerships in your city. It includes optimizing your Google My Business listing. Also, build citations and create profiles on local directories and review sites. 

Earn local backlinks from neighborhood blogs and partners. Use your city name and zip code in metadata and content. Enable location pages for each dealership branch. All these efforts help search engines understand that your dealerships serve local customers. It helps your website feature more prominently in search results.

Make Use of Schema Markup

Implementing schema markup enables search engines better to understand the content and data on your pages. Schema is code that structures your data in ways Google recognizes. For example, you can use schema to mark vehicle makes, models, prices, features, images, dealership addresses, etc. Schema helps search engines interpret this data to display it prominently in rich results. 

Proper schema markup helps search engines understand the offerings on your website to match user intent with relevant pages. Use the schema markup validator to check if they are implemented properly. It can increase click-through rates and position your dealership as an authority. 

The structured data also enables integration with Google Assistant to allow voice searches about your inventory. Schema helps your dealership appear prominently in searches for specific vehicles or dealer information.

Promote Social Media Engagement

Post engaging content on your website and provide links on your social media page. You can create relevant content regarding the vehicles you sell to attract more visitors. Research and make blog posts about topics that draw auto enthusiasts to your webpage. It gives credibility to your website. 

Use your social media page to share your expertise, products, the awards and accolades you have received, etc. Encourage your clients to rate you and leave reviews about your service. Websites with higher ratings feature more prominently in search results. 

Link Building

You can gain quality backlinks from reputed websites in the automotive field to improve your page rank. Contact local bloggers who maintain automotive blogs and offer to write guest posts for them. Share your insider knowledge and establish your expertise.

Some services like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) connect journalists seeking industry information with relevant experts. You can contribute to the journalist’s article and share your insights with them. Once the article is published, it can help publicize you and your website. 

These are helpful ways to increase the traffic to your car dealership website. But if you are looking for solutions tailored to your unique needs, we can help you. Contact us today to benefit from our customized SEO solutions for your business needs.

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